Why should we work with you?

Someone called me the other day and asked "What makes you guys different from every other advisor trying to sell me something?"

What a great question! 

  • I am sure many of you have this same feeling - "I can't trust advisors anymore because they are all out to make a quick buck and everyone I talk to wants to sell me something!"

  • Let me suggest you try something different.

  • Try working with people who want to do what is right for you.

  • People who are interested in helping you make the decision instead of trying to simply sell you a product. That is precisely our approach.

    Here is the step by step process that makes us different from most advisors:

    1. We listen and try to understand your situation and needs
    2. We educate you on your options
    3. We shop around to find the best products available
    4. We create strategies, which often include various policies, based on your risk tolerance
    5. We advise you on all fees and commissions associated with the plans
    6. We give you time to understand and comprehend what is proposed
    7. YOU can walk away at any time with no obligation whatsoever
    8. We let you make the decision and NEVER pressure you into something you do not understand or with which you are uncomfortable

    It sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. Of course, you lose nothing by trying.

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