What if I do not spend my HSA money?

It doesn’t matter if you spend any of this money for medical expenses. Unlike a “flexible spending account” offered by many employers, this HSA money is not going to vanish. Some of you know that with a flexible spending account, you can pay for your medical expenses with pre-tax dollars. The problem is estimating what your medical expenses are going to be for the year. If you over-estimate, the money that is not used by you will be lost to the employer.

The fact that you contributed the money to your HSA account is all that counts. If you didn’t spend it, it will be there next year. You can contribute a like amount next year and watch it add up. If you didn’t spend any of this HSA contribution money, and you added $5,800 each year for 10 years, you would have $58,000 plus interest, plus any investment gains.

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