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 Take Control of your dental care
You won’t pay a deductible for checkups or diagnostic and preventive services.

There is an annual deductible, but no deductible for preventive services.

You will have coverage for basic services like routine fillings and extractions, and coverage for major services include crowns, dentures and bridges.

There is no wait to receive preventive services. As soon as you obtain coverage, your checkups and cleanings are covered twice per benefit period.  So, you can protect your teeth by visiting the dentist every six months.

Dental Blue helps to maintain healthy teeth and gumsWaiting Periods  –  If you have had a creditable, dental plan from another company in force for the past 12-months, then, there are NO WAITING PERIODS!

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What if I already have had coverage with another creditable dental insurance company for the last twelve months?  Will they waive the waiting periods?

A:  Yes, if you can show proof of prior coverage, and if you are insured by the a creditable plan before 63 days has elapsed, then, the waiting periods will be waived.

Q: What does my deductible apply to?

A: Your deductible applies to basic and major services. After this deductible is met,your plan will pay 50% of the allowable charge, up to your annual maximum of $1,000.  Each member under your policy has a deductible for basic and major services.
Q: When are my rates subject to change?

A: On your renewal, which is January 1st of each year.