Waiting Periods for Health Insurance Coverage in NC

If you have just secured a job with an employer that offers health insurance to their employees, you may have a waiting period.  The waiting period is generally 60 to 90 days.  That means that you won’t be covered on their health plan until after the waiting period has elapsed. What are your options? You […]

Blue Options HSA vs. Blue Advantage Health Plans – Which is Best?

The Blue Options HSA plan provides catastrophic coverage. You will pay less money out-of-pocket if you need to be hospitalized and you will definitely pay a lower premium every month. If you are looking for the least expensive, most sensible plan to cover yourself and your family, then you need to consider the Blue Options HSA plan.

What is Happening with HSA Type Health Plans?

In the last couple of years, Health Savings Plans, (HSA) have been more widely accepted than in any years in the past. HSA plans were introduced on January 1, 2004, but they really were confusing to most agents and therefore, they were confusing to most of the buying public. What has caused HSA plans to […]

You are Young, Male, Invulnerable and Bulletproof – You do not need health insurance.

At least you don’t need the ordinary type of health insurance. The ordinary, traditional plans are expensive and you are strong, healthy, and busy. You almost never go to the doctor, so the traditional, expensive copay type plan is not for you. Consider a special Health Savings Account (H S A) type plan customized to […]