Recent Email Scam May Target BCBSNC Customers

Do Not Open Email or Click on Included Links Date: 07/24/2012 BCBSNC wants to make you aware of an email scam that has recently come to our attention. You or your customers may receive an email from “Message Center” <> with the subject line “[Your First Name], a thank you from Blue Cross Blue Shield […]

Free HealthCare for All, I Guess

Don’t be fooled.  Even though Obamacare was given the green light, you still won’t have free healthcare until 2014.  So, what are you going to do between July 2012 and January 1, 2014? If you are willing to take the risk that you will be healthy and there is no possibility of your needing a […]

Health Insurance NC – What Are Your Choices?

In North Carolina, you have many choices for health insurance – if you don’t have pre-existing conditions, that is. Here is an incomplete list of the major companies you can investigate: Aetna Insurance Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Cigna Insurance Golden Rule Insurance Humana Insurance The above companies provide Individual Major Medical […]

Many Blue Medicare Supplement Rates are Lowered for 2012

BCBSNC, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina announced the new rates for their Blue Medicare Supplement plans. The good news is that the NCDOI has just approved their 2012 Medicare Supplement rates.  The new rates will be available on April 23, 2012 through authorized BCBSNC agents. In most cases, the plan rates either […]

Understanding BCBSNC Preventive Care

The attached PDF files will help BCBSNC members to understand the preventive care benefits that went into effect under Health Care Reform.  These benefits are for non-grandfathered reform compliant plans. One of the files titled Blue Options 123 generally details benefits for non H S A plans. This second PDF file pertains specifically to H […]